• Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker
  • Eyelid Tape Sticker

Eyelid Tape Sticker

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Eyelid Tape Sticker


Now you can have beautiful, youthful eyelids in a matter of seconds, without the expensive price tag, pain and risks associated with surgery!


The Eyelid Tape provides an instant eye lift using thin, transparent strips which cleverly take years off of your appearance!

Your face will look rejuvenated, refreshed, awake, vibrant and more youthful as soon as you apply them! 

Application is fast and easy and the results are truly astonishing! Apply the strips when you put your makeup on in the morning and take them off before going to bed. They'll last all day long!

The strips last the whole day long, so you won't have to worry about reapplications. 

More importantly, they're extremely thin, colorless, transparent and non-porous, so no one will even know that they're on! Ever so discreet and subtle, these strips are our best beauty secret! 

The eyeliner sticker was created by the makeup artists of the brand. As a result of its application, you will have a smooth and rich in color eyeliner.

It helps you to make eye makeup in the style of smoky eyes. It gives you the feel of perfect this eyeliner contour.

Package included: app 600 pcs eyelid sticker+ 1pc fork


Can I apply eye makeup on it?

Sure. it will seem nature 

how do you put these on?

1. First, Clean the zone around the eyes. 

2. Remove the doubled eyelid 

3. Press in the right place 

4. Adjuster the shape with the fork

I'm so confused. Only one side is sticky?

NO, it's a double-sided tape. 

How many individual tapes all together?

Four rollers different colour. that's perfect eye tapes 

How long can I wear the tape?

it can keep 24 hours if you do not take it off

Is that okay for 7 yrs old girl?

yes.you can makeup it by yourself and DIY it.

Is the adhesive strong? Still sticky if I tear it off after putting it on?

You can't re-apply them once you've taken them off. But there are hundreds on the roll, so don't worry! 

Difference between single-sided & double-sided eyelid tape

This is single-sided and double tape for the eyes. single side means only one side with glue

What's the difference between the four different rollers? I can see there are two sizes, what else?

Two different colours. Clear & beige. 

Are you able to feel the tape or is it comfortable?

It's feel good. No, any bad feeling. Natural and comfortable


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